political campaign commerc. analysis
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Political Campaign
Commercial Analysis

The Idea:
Citizens and consumers need to understand the nature of "constructed" media messages. They need to know about propaganda and how some people endeavor to manipulate public opinion. Understanding how these persuasive processes work makes citizens and consumers less susceptible to manipulation and better able to make good decisions, to take care of themselves, and to protect their interests.

The Objectives:
* The student will be able to understand that political campaign commercials are constructed media messages designed to persuade and to manipulate public opinion.
* The student will be able to identify the methods used in political campaign commercials to persuade and to manipulate public opinion.

The MN Standards:
* The student will understand the importance of participation in civic life and demonstrate effective civic skills (Social Studies Grades 4-8).
* The student will analyze various methods of civic engagement needed to fulfill responsibilities of a citizen of a republic (Social Studies Grades 9-12).
* The student will understand the role and influence of political processes and organizations (Social Studies Grades 9-12).
* The student will critically analyze information found in electronic and print media, and will use a variety of these sources to learn about a topic and represent ideas (Language Arts Grades 4-12).

* Students will also need their own paper for this lesson.
* The teacher will also need a VHS tape/DVD of political campaign commercials or the ability to project the online versions of political campaign commercials (see below).
* If you want to record your own commercials to VHS or DVD, the local evening news broadcasts are the best source.

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