Westward Expansion
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8th Grade Westward Expansion Unit (a work in progress)

Enduring Understanding
Students will understand how the "Second Great Removal" affected the lives of Native Americans and opened the West for white settlement.

Summative Assessment Idea
Write a letter (to a real person in Washington, D.C.) that presents and defends your thesis on one of these two issues:
1. website   Wounded Knee: A Campaign to Rescind Medals
2. website   Army Continues to Parade Wounded Knee "Battle" Streamer

Formative Learning and Formative Assessment
What would a student need to know (background knowledge/context and historical analysis skills) to interact with primary and secondary source information about 1890 Wounded Knee to make a judgment and then to create, present, and defend a thesis?
(word doc) (pdf)    "Working with a Thesis"
(word doc) (pdf)    "Sheila Rae and Brave Thesis Practice

Resources for the Lessons in the Unit
website          Archives of The West
1    2    3    4   Sand Creek Massacre
1    2    3          Boarding Schools

Resources for the Summative Assessment
website   Wounded Knee Intro and More
website   Wounded Knee
website   Ghost Dancing
website   Lakota Accounts
view     Gold Rush Diaries
view     Expansion Diaries