MPS Sample Unit Plans
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MPS Teacher Created Unit Plan

Grade 4 "Globes" (website)
Grade 5 "Geography of the United States" (pdf)
Grade 5 "Native Americans" (website)


Middle School

Grade 6
What is a Minnesotan?
The Fur Trade
The Civil War
Industry - Flour, Lumber & Iron
The Good Life

Grade 7
The Americans
West Africa
Greek Gods

Grade 8
Growth and Change
Westward Expansion
Industrial Revolution
Progressive Era
World War 1
Harlem Renaissance
The New Deal 1  · 2 · 3 · 4 · 5
The Contemporary World - 2000 Cards Lesson


High School

China Population Unit

U.S. History
Industrialization & Immigration

Globalization Unit
Globalization Resources


MORE MPS Teacher Created Units

Political Campaign Commercial Analysis
Making Meaning with the Newspaper
Vetran's Day