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Minnesota State History Resources

Minnesota: Piecing it Together
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(word doc) (pdf)   All Regions
(word doc) (pdf)   Map Key Color
(word doc) (pdf)   Map Key Black & White
(word doc) (pdf)   Postcard from Minnesota

(view)    Early Minnesota History Powerpoint slides

Minnesota History Websites:
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website    The MPS Compansion Site for Northern Lights (including commentary from George)
website   MN Dept. of Education Indian Education Resources
website   MN Government Materials
website   MN Historical Society TimePieces
website   MN Historical Society Visual Resources Database
website   This Day in MN History
website   MN History Topics
website   Minnesota Historical Fiction
website   Forests, Fields, and Falls
website   Books to use with Northern Lights
website   Videos/DVDs to use with Northern Lights
website   Minnesota: A History of the Land
website   North Star: Stories of Minnesota's Black Pioneers
website   History of Minnesota
website   MN Government Resources
website   MN State Maps
website   MN Tourism Publications (and State Map)
website   MN Dept. of Agriculture's Food for Thought Mapping Curriculum & other material

Jeffers Petroglyphs




Hegman Lake Pictographs
(click HERE to a guide to interpreting the pictographs)




Video/DVD Resources

Minnesota History Videos/DVDs at the MPLS Public Library

Bring warm clothes [videorecording] / by Peg Meier ; [a production of] KTCA, Twin Cities Public Television, Inc. See:

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