9th Grade Geography
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9th Grade Geography
MPS Teacher-Created Instructional Units

Quarter I

- Introduction to Geography and Geography Skills
- Canada and the United States Mapping Lab
- Settlement Patterns and Way of Life in Canada
- Urban Sprawl in North America
- Migration to the United States: The Impact on People and Places
- Resource Consumption in the USA: The Cost of Living Well
Quarter II
- Mapping Lab: Latin America
- Spatial Inequality in Mexico City: From Castles to Cardboard
- Dealing with Extreme Weather: Hurricanes in the Caribbean
- Land Use Conflict in the Amazon Rainforest
- Life in the Central Andes: Adapting to a Mountainous Region
- Mapping Lab: Europe and Russia
- Supranational Cooperation in the European Union
- Population Dilemmas in Europe
- Invisible Borders: Transboundary Pollution in Europe
Quarter III
- Mapping Lab: Africa
- The Nile: A Journey from Source to Mouth
- Life in the Sahara: Adapting to a Desert Region
- Nigeria: A Country of Many Cultures
- Mapping Lab: Southwest and Central Asia
- Oil in Southwest Asia: Impacts of a Valuable Resource
Quarter IV
- Monsoon Asia
- Bangalore: India's Silicon Valley
- China Population Unit
- Population Density in Japan: Life in a Crowded Country
- The Athletic Shoe Industry in Indonesia: What does it cost to Make a Sneaker?
- Oceania and Antarctica
- Floating Unit: Social Studies Research and Communication Skills
The student will understand how to acquire information, manipulate data, develop and present policies, arguments, and stories, and construct new knowledge.