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Volunteer MPS is a nonprofit organization within Minneapolis Public Schools that develops volunteer programming, supports current volunteers, and maintains partnerships between schools and other community organizations.  

Volunteers play an important role in Minneapolis Public Schools. Every day local college students, family members, and individuals from the community bring fresh perspectives, enthusiasm, and patience into our schools while assisting teachers, staff, and students. They encourage students and inspire them to reach their potential. Additionally, these volunteers experience a sense of fulfillment and pride in helping to improve our schools for everyone in the community. 

What you should know:

  • Volunteer opportunities are available to work with pre-kindergarten through adult learners.
  • Volunteer orientation is provided throughout the school year. 
  • Flexible volunteer hours are available during the school day (K-12, adults) and in the evening (adults). 
  • No teaching experience is required.

The District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) meetings are an excellent opportunity for regular dialogue with the Superintendent (or designee) and district staff. Six diverse representatives from each of the three Area Parent Advisory Councils comprise the membership of DPAC; however, all parents or guardians are welcome to attend the meetings.

Area Parent Advisory Council meetings provide parents an opportunity to meet with the district's associate superintendents who represent each area, parents from other neighborhood schools, and community leaders to:
  • Provide input concerning school-related issues.
  • Make recommendations in support of enhancing learning opportunities and environments.
  • Advocate for issues vital to the success of schools, youth, and families in their community.