The following are Frequently Asked Questions. If you find that you have further questions regarding MPS Social Studies, please feel free to contact us

Q: What does my child learn in Elementary School Social Studies?

MPS Students in grades K-3 are introduced to the foundations of Social Studies, which includes Citizenship and Government, Economics, Geography, and History. In grades 4-5, the curriculum is based heavily upon learning about the Geography and History of North America to 1800. For more information, please see the Elementary Social Studies Curriculum page.

Q: How do I support my child who is struggling in Social Studies?

There are several ways you can help your child succeed in Social Studies: develop a partnership with your child’s Social Studies teacher, support your child academically by providing homework support, get involved with your child’s school, get informed and be an advocate for your child, and support your child’s learning at home (please view Support Social Studies Learning at Home (PDF)). For additional help, please visit our Homework Help page.

Q. How can I help my child prepare for a test in his Social Studies class?

There are several test taking strategies for students that can be found on the Social Studies Test Preparation page.

Q: What if I have questions or concerns in regards to the current Social Studies curriculum and who should I contact in regards to my concern?

Questions and concerns regarding the current Social Studies curriculum that is implemented in Minneapolis Public Schools can be directed to Lanise Block, the Social Studies content lead K-12. Please email her at Lisa.Purcell@mpls.k12.mn.us or call her at 612.668.0252

Q: What are the high school graduation requirements regarding Social Studies?

The graduation requirements for Social Studies include a completion of Geography in 9th grade, World History in 10th grade, U.S. History in 11th grade, and a semester of both Economics and Government in 12th grade. For more information regarding MPS high school graduation requirements, please see the MPS Graduation Requirement page. 

Q: What is the State Standards Adoption Process?

Once the revised standards are approved, districts have three years to complete implementation. In the Minneapolis Public School district, new Social Studies standards have been adopted and implemented until the next adoption phase (2019-2020).

Q:  How are the new standards different from the current standards?

  • Fewer Standards and Benchmarks at each level
  • K-8 Grades ‘Disbanded’ and grade specific
  • K-8 ‘Studies’ Model- Each of the 4 Disciplines are incorporated/integrated into each grade level
  • K-12 Standards Spiral or the same concept is repeated but with deepening understanding
  • Increased attention to ‘modern history’ and indigenous nation history