Economics Websites (Grades 6-12)

Economics Websites (Grades 6-12)

Economics Websites (Grades 6-12)

Commanding Heights - The purpose of this site is to promote better understanding of globalization, world trade, and economic development, including the forces, values, events, and ideas that have shaped the present global economic system.

*Consumer Jungle - Browse through different topics, play interactive games, participate in many different contests, and even submit an article for the chance to be a featured Student Editor! Consumer Jungle is your website to share stories, ask questions, and find out what you need to know about personal finance. 

*Energyville - Energyville is a game in which students can design the energy infrastructure for a city.  In doing so, they learn about the various ways to produce energy as well as their pros and cons. 

International Monetary Fund - A World Economic Outlook Map is provided.

It All Adds Up - A very clever multimedia site teaching Personal Finance issues: credit card, buying a car, and more.

*Junior Achievement - Empowers young people to own their economic success. 

Library of Economics and Liberty - Offers a comprehensive list of fundamental concepts for high school economics.

Principles of Economics - Provides a directory of economics lessons and activities organized by topic.

The Real Planet - IRS Tax Interactive's The Real Planet: This is an IRS Tax Interactive talk show simulation where students learn from other students about what it takes to start their own business.

*Rich Kid Smart Kid - Rich Kid Smart Kid (RKSK) is the youth initiative of The Rich Dad Company – seeking to increase the financial literacy of the next generation of future entrepreneurs. By utilizing games as a means to teach challenging subjects like finance, business and investing, we are training a fresh, new group of business owners and creative thinkers who will become their community's leaders. 

*So You Want to Be in Charge of Monetary Policy? - Students take charge of a simulated economy by taking on the role of the Federal Reserve (federal funds rate).


*Note: Game(s) cannot be played on iPads.